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We improve communities through exceptional public relations, marketing, and strategic counsel.


A communications audit evaluates current communications vehicles, including type and consistency of messages, delivery methods and relevance compared to industry standards. The audit also searches out information about attitudes, perceptions, and the effectiveness of the organization and its current communication efforts, and offers recommendations to expand or enhance the overall community relations program. The audit also provides a benchmark for measuring progress in the future.

Your communications plan would include: 

  • Goals and strategies

  • Audiences 

  • Measurable objectives, messages and tactics by audience

  • Recommendations on how to complete tasks by using existing resources you have at hand


A straightforward Brand Strategy Plan provides a framework to support your vision and serves as the roadmap for effective communication to a variety of stakeholders.


The Brand Strategy Plan includes:

  • Vision, mission, goals
    (Your current Strategic Roadmap)

  • Organizational key attributes

  • Brand position, promise, and tagline options

  • Target audiences and core messages

Including Referendums

​Marketing is the process for creating, communicating, and delivering the message about what makes your organization unique to the public at-large. Marketing research is the behind-the-scenes work that happens to ensure the right people are getting the right message. Employing tools, like surveys and focus groups, we gain the knowledge to identify and define opportunities and potential issues; generate, refine, and evaluate actions; monitor performance; and improve understanding of the communications process.

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Gathering input before important decisions are made and checking in regularly to gather feedback from stakeholders creates a supportive environment where clients can achieve their goals - efficiently and effectively.

We will design a custom approach for you to talk to stakeholders regularly using methods that elevate all voices equally to gather unique perspectives. DehlerPR is highly skilled at facilitating groups of all ages and stages or we can train you to lead the conversations.


Working with the traditional media (i.e. newspapers, radio, and television) can be a positive experience. It starts with relationship-building with local reporters and continues with regular communications and a prompt response when questions are asked. DehlerPR can assist you with a media relations plan to proactively communicate about your organization’s success. And when your organization faces challenges, we will help you leverage media relationships to distribute your key messages through traditional media channels.

Social media relations (i.e. managing online media and public comments, website, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) is a 24/7/365 business and DehlerPR has you covered with a detailed approach to key messages, supporting graphics, and links to additional information. We can assist you with planning, content development, design, scheduling, and management.

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No one wants to be in a crisis situation, but the right messages at the right time to the right people can help to mitigate the potential long-term consequences. 

​DehlerPR has extensive experience to lead you through the crisis from the first message, to the media calls and interviews with reporters, to the investigations and potential changes to procedures and/or policy following the crisis.


A textbook definition of strategic communication is when the communication is consistent with the organization’s mission, vision and values and when it is able to enhance the strategic positioning and competitiveness between its competitors. When done right, a strategy differentiates your organization from others around it. Strategic counseling provides the insight and experience for your organization to strategically communicate what makes it unique.

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